About GDPRXpert

Patrick Rowland, Certified GDPR & Data Protection Consultant.

GDPRXpert offers a data protection advisory and consultancy service, with a strong focus on the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

For those organisations that are subject to the new Regulation, GDPRXpert offers a professional, cost effective solution to potential pitfalls that are likely to be encountered under a changed data protection regime.

Our primary focus is on enabling compliance with data protection law and regulations. Identifying and being aware of obligations and responsibilities is the first step on the compliance journey. The goal is to deliver a  cost effective and robust solution to any gaps in compliance with these data protection laws and regulations. This focus has developed partly in response to the complexity of the changes introduced under the GDPR, and in the knowledge of an increasing demand for the services of truly qualified data protection professionals. There was much anecdotal evidence of a proliferation of minimally qualified, and some   totally unqualified,  data protection ‘practitioners’ in the lead up to the  GDPR. Some completed as little as 1-2 days of ‘training’, most especially in the UK, and many  have been certified by previously  unknown organisations , that  have not been  certified themselves by any  regulatory body. Unfortunately, many employees were sent on costly 1 day courses to ‘learn’ GDPR. This was not possible.

Patrick Rowland is the owner of GDPRXpert. Patrick spent a large part of his working life in the United States and was for many years employed in commercial property sales, and later   self employed in commercial property contract management services. After returning to Ireland, Patrick graduated with honours from NUI Galway, having completed his studies for a Bachelor of Civil Law degree. Privacy law is closely related to data protection law, and while at NUI Galway Patrick gained a valued insight into privacy law under the European Convention on Human Rights,and into the right to privacy under Irish Constitutional Law.  European Union Law was also a major  part of his studies at NUIG.

At University of Limerick he was awarded a Master of Laws (LLM). Here he expanded on his knowledge of Privacy Law and submitted a major thesis, for which he was awarded 1st class honours.  Patrick also has a post-grad qualification in Business and  Management (Financial Mgmt.) (MSc) from The Institute of Public Administration and UCD, where he submitted another major thesis. He was also awarded 1st class honours for this thesis.

Patrick is a Certified Data Protection Officer, (CDPO) having  completed the prescribed examinations of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI).  In addition, Patrick was awarded the Professional Certificate in Data Protection( with Distinction) from UCD . He is also a Licentiate of the Institute of Banking (LIB).  His most recent qualification, the Professional Certificate in Financial Advice from UCD, gives him extra insight into the implications of GDPR for financial services organisations.

Patrick has been advising organisations and  business owners on data protection and  privacy issues  for a number of years.  His  qualifications and experience combine to make him a highly knowledgeable person, and he is  someone whose advice is to be trusted. Data protection law is his specific  area of expertise, and he is widely   acknowledged as a  subject matter expert within  the  data protection community.

Having followed the progress of what is now GDPR, as it made its way through the slow EU legislative process, Patrick became aware of the true complexities of its nature. He always understood the implications of the increasing regulatory burden being placed on organisations and businesses. Reputational damage and severe financial costs are the consequences of non compliance with the regulation.

The  primary mission is to provide an ethical advisory and consultancy service in a professional, transparent and accountable manner. Our  emphasis is on communicating the implications of GDPR from a governance and risk management perspective. We aim to foster a culture of compliance within your organisation or business, in order to avoid reputational damage and financial costs to you.

Based in Co. Carlow and  Co. Mayo, GDPRXpert provides a nationwide GDPR and data protection consultancy service. At GDPRXpert we are happy to give you a FREE quotation for any of our services. If you have  GDPR/ data protection concerns or queries, do get in touch. Our expert knowledge is not far away.


GDPRXpert Pat Rowland

BCL (NUI), LLM (UL), MSc., Business & Management (Financial Mgmt.) (UCD),
CDPO (Assoc.of Compliance Officers in Ireland),
Prof Certificate in Data Protection (UCD),
Prof Cert in Financial Advice (UCD),
LIB (Institute of Banking).