GDPR Consultation

GDPR Consultation

The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 has dramatically changed the data protection regulatory landscape. There has been a significant increase in the obligations and responsibilities now placed on businesses and organisations in how they collect, use, store, disclose and secure personal data.

Underpinning this new law is the requirement to be fully transparent about all personal data processing operations. When combined with the overarching principle of accountability, the onus now lies on businesses and organisations to demonstrate they are compliant with all data protection legislation and  principles. The focus in this context will be on the organisation’s record keeping.

Despite some mis-information in the lead up to GDPR, the likelihood is that a responsible organisation that was compliant pre- GDPR, is  close to being  fully compliant now.

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However, businesses and organisations should aim for full compliance, and to accomplish this must be aware of the depth and variety of changes since GDPR came into force.

GDPRXpert will get you started on the road to compliance with an initial GDPR consultation. Essentially, this first  consultation will set you on that journey  to compliance by flagging warning signs and providing you with a  clear route  to full compliance. In most cases, some form of follow up is either advisable or  necessary.

Getting early professional  advice from a data protection specialist, such as GDPRXpert , in order to generally  assess your current compliance status, is an important first step. What is the actual  level of awareness and knowledge of the GDPR, and data protection generally,  within your business or  organisation?  It is a tougher question than one might think, but  every business or organisation needs to know the answer . This   question must  be  answered before any other action can be reasonably considered.  A GDPR consultation with GDPRXpert will provide the  answers.

Take that first step today and contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

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