Staff Training and Re-Training

Staff Training

The expectation under GDPR is that a culture of data protection will be created that pervades the whole organisation. This is not going to happen overnight, as it will take time before the new rules become embedded in the culture of any organisation. However, unless employees are trained and made aware of the changes, they will continue to perform tasks in the same manner, but in a changed data protection environment. There are high risks in allowing employees to continue as before.

Having an informed work force reduces the risk to the business or organisation. Most importantly, employee  or staff training reduces the risk of costly  data breaches. At the same time, it is one of the evidential elements in demonstrating reasonable steps were taken to prevent a data breach.

GDPRXpert will assess the level and quality of employee knowledge and awareness, with a view to ensuring that everyone reaches the appropriate level and quality. Not everyone needs to have a detailed knowledge of the full legislation, like a compliance officer would. GDPRXpert’s job will be to bring  all employees to a level that is safe. Some employees, based on their position, will need to reach a higher level.

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Some employees may have already spent time on training courses prior to GDPR. Nevertheless, these employees should be quickly assessed to gain a quick insight into their knowledge. In this context GDPRXpert offer updates and re-training as deemed advisable or necessary. Our experience points to many employees having completed short GDPR courses a long time before the GDPR became law. Unfortunately, many will admit to having forgotten a lot in the intervening period. In any case, GDPRXpert would encourage employee training /retraining, that is quite specific to the needs of an organisation or business, in order to move closer to the ultimate goal of GDPR compliance. GDPRXpert will provide  our expert GDPR and data protection training, at  all levels within your business or organisation. In most cases, this can  be provided at your own place of business.

Our GDPR and Data Protection training programmes are flexible and adaptable, but  are  most suited to  small to medium enterpriseS (SMEs).

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